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the most badass tag team you've seen since tekken


Hey I'm new, I've been working in dieting this summer, I've got long term goals in mind, but I've got some short deadlines set for this summer. =P ROCKS.
And I set up a litte point system for myself and set up a diet journal so I can write down everything I eat, drink, and do, but If I'm to lazy to go into detail I can just write down the points.
I can get up to 2 points in each category, food water, and excersize.
I set up an excersize plan for those days I can't get outside much, or those days that I over eat. and so If I do that, or If I'm out moving all day and do some of that, 2 points.
out moving all day and don't do the routine- 1 point.
less then that-0 points.
I add to the routine every week because after a week it gets to easy.
I'm the judge of how food goes but If I think I did really good then 2 points,
ok 1 point,
bad - 0 points.
Water: if I drink a liter and a half I get 2 points. (I never drank much water before, not even like a cup a day, so I'm working on this, I'll bump it up more once I get used to it)
1 liter -1 point.
less -0 pts.
Well that's my intro. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
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