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Hydration: Water

I think most people have heard some variation on the "eight glasses of water a day" theme. It seems like most people do not follow this advice. I know I used to shy away from making it a "must" in my day but with working out I don't really have the option. Even on my "off" days it is important to stay hydrated. I think a big reason why people think the eight glasses is too much is because they envision those huge ice-tea glasses. Chugging eight of those would be quite a lot, especially to someone dedicated to softdrinks (or coffee or sports drinks).

I decided, one night this week, to actually measure out how much water is contained in the small tumbler I drink from most often. Turns out that "small" glass has a ten ounce capacity! Now I find it more likely that I'll drink eight of those small glasses a day compared to eight large glasses. Plus, once you start drinking a lot of water it becomes almost addictive. My body really wanted that water I'd been depriving myself of for so long. Now, when I run out of bottled water and can't get more right away it freaks me out! I buy bottled water by the gallon (at only .25 it is a bargain) but imagine how easy it would be to consume 64ounces of individually bottled water. There are so many different sizes/capacities that I think it would be easy to get that recommended dose of H2O.

There is only one unfortunate downside to drinking as much water that is required to hydrate an active body ... frequent stops to the restroom become necessary. ;) That one drawback doesn't come close to defeating the benefits: healthier and clearer skin, nails and hair and general health too.
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