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Week1:Day1 (W1:D1)

My first outing was very disappointing but very empowering at the same time.

The Good:
-I actually got out there!
-I managed to do the jog/walk combo a couple of times.
-I could probably have gone longer.
-Kat will be with me on Wednesday. She'll help eliminate some of the "bad."

The Bad:
-The route I chose was too secluded and I was skeeved out by a truck of guys that pulled off in front of me. I got distracted by them and left early.
-The second hand smoke I inhale daily has really taken it's toll on my lungs. I always had healthy lungs and they hurt. I also started coughing when I had been back in the house for a few minutes (though no coughing while running).
-I'm dizzy and my legs and feet hurt (and I did stretch).
-I didn't go out until 5:30pm. I was distracted by stuff in the house and I procrastinated.

The Ugly:
-Wow. I do not look good doing this.

I think we'll be repeating Week 1 a couple of times. I'm *that* out of shape.

But I freakin' got out there! And I'm going again on Wednesday!
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