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Let's Get Physical

Saturday, March 28, 2009

6:54PM - I like to move it...

This is a welcome back entry.  It has been years since I last posted.  A lot happened.  My mom died, throwing my entire life into a tailspin.  I was diagnosed with severe asthma.  Add a bad relationship with a smattering of low selfesteem and ... wow.

Here I am.  Starting over.  My fitness journal is active again as well.

Won't you join me?

Friday, July 2, 2004

5:10PM - newbie

Hey I'm new, I've been working in dieting this summer, I've got long term goals in mind, but I've got some short deadlines set for this summer. =P
www.fitday.com ROCKS.
And I set up a litte point system for myself and set up a diet journal so I can write down everything I eat, drink, and do, but If I'm to lazy to go into detail I can just write down the points.
I can get up to 2 points in each category, food water, and excersize.
I set up an excersize plan for those days I can't get outside much, or those days that I over eat. and so If I do that, or If I'm out moving all day and do some of that, 2 points.
out moving all day and don't do the routine- 1 point.
less then that-0 points.
I add to the routine every week because after a week it gets to easy.
I'm the judge of how food goes but If I think I did really good then 2 points,
ok 1 point,
bad - 0 points.
Water: if I drink a liter and a half I get 2 points. (I never drank much water before, not even like a cup a day, so I'm working on this, I'll bump it up more once I get used to it)
1 liter -1 point.
less -0 pts.
Well that's my intro. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

12:21AM - Exercise 'sharpens ageing brain'

Getting up from your desk and going for a brisk walk may keep your mind agile later in life, say US researchers.

Just in case you needed some extra motivation to get in that cardio work out.

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

2:26AM - Hydration: Water

I think most people have heard some variation on the "eight glasses of water a day" theme. It seems like most people do not follow this advice. I know I used to shy away from making it a "must" in my day but with working out I don't really have the option. Even on my "off" days it is important to stay hydrated. I think a big reason why people think the eight glasses is too much is because they envision those huge ice-tea glasses. Chugging eight of those would be quite a lot, especially to someone dedicated to softdrinks (or coffee or sports drinks).

I decided, one night this week, to actually measure out how much water is contained in the small tumbler I drink from most often. Turns out that "small" glass has a ten ounce capacity! Now I find it more likely that I'll drink eight of those small glasses a day compared to eight large glasses. Plus, once you start drinking a lot of water it becomes almost addictive. My body really wanted that water I'd been depriving myself of for so long. Now, when I run out of bottled water and can't get more right away it freaks me out! I buy bottled water by the gallon (at only .25 it is a bargain) but imagine how easy it would be to consume 64ounces of individually bottled water. There are so many different sizes/capacities that I think it would be easy to get that recommended dose of H2O.

There is only one unfortunate downside to drinking as much water that is required to hydrate an active body ... frequent stops to the restroom become necessary. ;) That one drawback doesn't come close to defeating the benefits: healthier and clearer skin, nails and hair and general health too.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

3:42PM - Energy/Protein Bars

I thought I would write a little bit about energy/protein bars.

There are SO many to choose from nowadays! Even Snickers has come out with one (not a good one I may add). So, like many people, I was confused about 1) which ones were best nutritionally for me 2) which ones tasted the best and 3) were they really better nutritionally than eating candy bars?

The easiest question to answer was #3: are they better nutritionally than candy bars. YES! At first glance, if you are just looking at calories, fat grams, and sugars you may NOT see a significant difference. BUT, look closer at all the vitamins, minerals, and protein. Most of them also contain soy proteins, which are also very good for you. Overall, your protein bar will be better for you than eating a Snickers even though the calorie and fat grams are sometimes not signficantlly different.

Number #1, which are the best for me? The answer to this question depends on what your lifestyle is like and what you are expecting the bar to do for you.

Are you looking to replace an entire MEAL with the bar? (Look for ones that say "meal replacement" and has at least 200 or more calories; but not too much sugar!).

Are you looking just to satisfy a chocolate/candy craving? (If so, choose ones that TASTE the best, chop them up into bite sized pieces and ONLY have ONE piece every now and then).

Do you want to use them as a snack? (Look for the smaller sized bars and watch those calories! If needed, cut in half).

Number #2 I have done some independant research (i.e. I have eaten a great variety of these bars just to see which ones I liked) and have come up with some two top runners so far:

BEST TASTING/BEST NUTRITION: "Next Nutrition" any of their 4 "designer whey protein bars" These taste almost exactly like a candy bar, but unlike MANY of those bars out there, they only contain 5g of sugar! They pack a huge 15g of protein! And they are a slim 170 calories. For a 43g bar -- you can't beat it. These are the only protein bars I will ever eat again.

OK TASTING/GOOD NUTRITION: "Balance" Honey Yogurt Peanut. This comes in second for me. I just really like the bar overall-- it has good texture, yummy taste, and it's pretty good on nutrition.

BAD TASTING/GOOD NUTRITION: "CarbWise" Chocolate Peanut Cruch. This bar is so terrible tasting. I will never put it in my mouth again. I don't care how good the nutrition was-- don't eat this!!

Monday, February 9, 2004

11:19PM - Nerd Time

I just realized that I'd been posting under my "personal" LJ name, inimitable_fran. So, ooops. From now on posts by Fran will be from this LJ.

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5:57PM - Week1:Day1 (W1:D1)

My first outing was very disappointing but very empowering at the same time.

The Good:
-I actually got out there!
-I managed to do the jog/walk combo a couple of times.
-I could probably have gone longer.
-Kat will be with me on Wednesday. She'll help eliminate some of the "bad."

The Bad:
-The route I chose was too secluded and I was skeeved out by a truck of guys that pulled off in front of me. I got distracted by them and left early.
-The second hand smoke I inhale daily has really taken it's toll on my lungs. I always had healthy lungs and now...now they hurt. I also started coughing when I had been back in the house for a few minutes (though no coughing while running).
-I'm dizzy and my legs and feet hurt (and I did stretch).
-I didn't go out until 5:30pm. I was distracted by stuff in the house and I procrastinated.

The Ugly:
-Wow. I do not look good doing this.

I think we'll be repeating Week 1 a couple of times. I'm *that* out of shape.

But I freakin' got out there! And I'm going again on Wednesday!

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9:51AM - My Goal This Week

First, I would like to thank Fran for setting up this community!

I would like to share my weekly mental-health goal: I will get up every morning this week by 9:30AM.

If I succeed in my goal I will win a reward. My reward this week will be two DVD's from Best Buy that are on sale 2 for $20.00. They are "Father of the Bride" and "Down With Love"

I succeeded today (Monday) by waking up at 9:30AM!

1:24AM - Streeeeeeetch!

Stay Loose: Stretches for Runners is a great stretching regimen. There are even (funny) graphics "showing" how to perform the stretch.

The Cool Running site is just very good. It has been helpful in making me feel prepared. :)

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12:47AM - Starting my running program tomorrow.

I start a running program tomorrow. It is The Couch-to-5K Running Plan from the Cool Running website. I'm going to be using the "time" method of the program. Tomorrow will be a huge step in changing my lifestyle. It will be my first day as a "runner."

I think I really like the way that sounds.

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Sunday, February 8, 2004

12:55AM - Introduction

I created this community as a way of connecting with others who are working on health and fitness goals. You may have long-term aspirations or simply want to “keep on track.” It takes a lot of energy to make and maintain positive lifestyle changes and outside support helps.

Please keep entries on-topic. Share your goals, progress and accomplishments. Recipes, articles and links are also okay so long as they are relevant to health and fitness (and all those topics entail). Positive reinforcement is encouraged. It's okay to have a moment of weakness or a relapse to behaviors we're trying to leave behind.

Feel free to contact me about adding community interests at


---from the community info page

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